Migration Experience to GNU/Linux

I’d known about GNU/Linux on grade 7th Junior High School. In ICT class (Indonesian – TIK = Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi), I learned about types of computer operation systems. I read (just read, not use) about first operation system until the newest one. DOS, UNIX, Linux, Windows. But, I can’t found Linux operation system in all of school computer. All of them use Windows. First time I used Linux on my 1st semester. My friend use Ubuntu, his name Hakim from Information and Communication Technoloy Education study program. It was impressive.

I wanted to use Linux for my laptop when my University (Semarang State University = Unnes) released a Linux distro. It was called SekarOS and it was still beta version. It was derivated from Ubuntu with XFCE as DE (desktop environment).


When I would install it, I got a problem. My hardisk partition isn’t detected. I asked some my friend which have used Linux but I didn’t get solution. So I’m ready to take serious risks, and you know what happened?
All of data in my hardisk is lost, include Windows in C partition and Data in D partition. That time, I’m a secretary of Communication and Networking Division (Indonesia – Jaringan dan Komunikasi). All of files, proposal and responsibility report (Indonesia – LPJ) are also lost.
So, I had written a tutorial to solve that problem. You can read it.

Tutorial Mengatasi Partisi Hardisk yang Tidak Terbaca di Linux

That is my favorite post in this blog.
I hope when some of Linux beginners get a problem, they will not lost their data like me. And they will not hate Linux operation systems.

I love it, but some of my task can’t be done with Linux. So I still use Windows beside my favorit operation system, Ubuntu Linux.
So, are you ready to use Linux?
If you’re ready, I’m glad to help you 😀

Note: If I make mistakes, please correct me

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